Be a Cancervivor

Together, we make becoming a Cancervivor possible

What makes our cancer care different?

Florida Hospital Medical Group features some of the most renowned cancer programs and award-winning doctors in Central Florida. We remain on the cutting edge of the latest innovations in cancer research, such as regional and national clinical trials. Our unique collaborative methods use revolutionary technology and advanced diagnostics that have made strides in early detection, groundbreaking treatments and above average survival rates. Our cancer care teams maintain the continuum of care with our sister organization, Florida Hospital Cancer Institute, ranked nationally as an award winning cancer center by U.S. News & World Report—making Florida Hospital Medical Group a destination treatment facility for those battling cancer. However, our best accomplishment is helping patients become Cancervivors.

  • Ongoing Clinical Trials
  • Accreditations and Recognition
  • Advanced Diagnostics
  • Award-Winning Physicians
  • Care, Support and Spa Services
  • Data and Results
  • Destination Services
  • High Patient Satisfaction
  • Nationally Ranked Cancer Programs
  • Ongoing Research
  • Publications and Presentations
  • QOPI Certification
  • Surgical Innovations
  • Survival Rates Higher than National Averages
  • Teaching University Affiliations
  • Treatment and Technology

Our Cancer Programs

Be a Cancervivor with our revolutionary treatments and clinical trials.

There are hundreds of forms of cancer, but one targeted outcome—survival. At Florida Hospital Medical Group, we approach cancer with the utmost compassion, coupled with the most advanced and effective skills, technology and treatments that give patients a fighting chance—to become a Cancervivor.

While a diagnosis of cancer or a blood disorder can feel debilitating, finding the right oncology care can make all the difference. As Orlando’s premier resource for cancer care, Florida Hospital Medical Group offers some of the most comprehensive and aggressive treatment options—resulting in above average survival rates and outstanding patient satisfaction. Our multi-specialty oncology groups provide patients with a broad range of medical care, including clinical trials, support services and coordination of care for all types of cancer.

Blood & Bone Marrow Transplant

Blood cancer and bone marrow diseases

As Central Florida’s first and only comprehensive bone marrow transplant program, we have performed hundreds of autologous, allogeneic and stem cell blood and marrow transplants.

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Breast Cancer

All Breast Cancers & Diseases

Comprehensive treatment, counseling and cures for all stages of breast cancer, including early stage diagnosis, unique follow-up care, genetic testing, revolutionary surgeries and radiation therapies.

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Colorectal Cancer

Anal, Bowel, Colon, Rectal and Pelvic Diseases

A multi-disciplinary approach to beat colorectal cancer by providing state-of-the art diagnostics, 3D endorectal ultrasonography, aggressive treatments and therapies, and minimally invasive surgery.

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Endocrine Cancers

Adrenal, Pancreas, Parathyroid, Pituitary and Thyroid Gland Diseases

Revolutionary care for the mixed group of diseases that cause cancer cells to develop in the endocrine system tissues, such as the adrenal, pancreas, parathyroid, pituitary and thyroid glands.

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Gastrointestinal Cancers

Carcinoid Tumors, Esophageal, Liver and Stomach Cancers

Specialized care for the broad range of cancers and diseases found in the GI tract and adjacent supporting organs, including the esophagus, stomach, gall bladder, biliary system, liver and pancreas.

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Gynecologic Cancers

Cervical, Endometrial, Ovarian, Uterine and Vulvar Cancers

Unrivaled expertise in gynecologic care, including detection and treatment options, surgical oncology, medical oncology, and gynecologic surgery for complex benign conditions. Plus, ongoing clinical trials.

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Head & Neck Cancer

All Cancers of the Head, Neck, Mouth and Throat

Internationally renowned otolaryngology surgeons who provide robotic and reconstruction surgery for cancers and diseases of the head, neck and airway, plus swallowing and voice disorders.

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Hematologic Diseases

All Diseases of the Blood Cells and Bone Marrow

Diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the blood and bone marrow, and the immunologic, hemostasis (blood clotting) and vascular systems, such as anemia, hemophilia, leukemia, lymphoma, multiple myeloma, MDS, sickle cell anemia.

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Neurologic Cancer

Brain and Spinal Tumors

A world-renowned neurooncology team that treats primary malignant brain tumors of all grades—from diagnostics to treatment of recurrent malignant tumors to delicate prognosis discussion and the most advanced surgical interventions available.

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Radiation Oncology

All Cancers Responding to Radiation Therapy, including Breast, Gastrointestinal, Genitourinary, Gynecologic, Lung and Head and Neck Cancers and Cancers of the Central Nervous System

Our world-renown and sought-after specialists in radiation oncology provide revolutionary therapies aimed at slowing, reducing or eliminating a wide variety of cancers and reducing the risk that a cancer will return following surgery or chemotherapy.

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Thoracic Cancers

Cancers that Develop in the Lungs

A commitment to provide those with lung cancer, or thoracic cancer, the latest and most effective treatments, such as groundbreaking diagnostics, ongoing research, national clinical trials and revolutionary therapies.

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Urologic Cancers

Bladder, Kidney/Renal Cell, Prostate, Testicular Cancers

A multidisciplinary approach to the diagnosis and treatment, including advanced minimally invasive surgery, for a variety of urology disorders, diseases and cancers—from the common to the complex—for both men and women.

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Yamile became a Breast Cancervivor with the help of Dr. Alemany

Our Doctors

Be A Cancervivor With our Renowned Oncologists, Hematologists and Surgeons

Our multidisciplinary cancer care teams know firsthand that each aspect of developing the right cancer treatment plan is significant—from choosing the right physician to selecting the most appropriate surgical option and from crafting a tailored therapy plan to participating in a cancer care clinical trial.

Each member of our distinct care team is dedicated to ongoing research to break boundaries in detection, surgical or therapeutic treatment, and recovery and prevention of cancer, anywhere it strikes.

Florida Hospital Medical Group features the most comprehensive, award-winning, widely-published and compassionate group of cancer specialists who help cancer patients and their families determine the right course of action to become a Cancervivor.